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bliss [ blis ] 
supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment

Peace, healing, sheer joy and utter contentment are what I feel when I am near nature and moving, meditating or simply BEing. This IS my bliss, the place I can retreat to anytime. I am fortunate to live in two magical places, Vieques, Puerto Rico, and Frankfort, Michigan, where I am surrounded by magnificent bodies of water, miles of protected lakeshore and endless awe inspiring beauty. 


I strive to inspire my clients to discover their joy! I LOVE yoga. I believe yoga is not something you "do", it is a way of life!  Yoga is the unifying of our body, mind, breath and soul. How we chose to eat, live, breathe, work and play affects our health and our world! I am passionate about creating programs with my clients that inspire them to succeed and to support optimal health! 

With my first step on Coco beach, first dip in the warm salt water and the feel of warm tropical breezes I knew Vieques was a sacred place. I was overwhelmed with the peaceful, healing energy surrounding me and my dream of putting Vieques on the map for wellness retreats began. I wish to share the beauty and magic of this island,as we reconnect with breath, body and spirit to discover ways to tap into the healing energy within!

I am excited for you to discover my Vieques! 

Anna's BIO

"Anna truly believes in holistic-human fitness and the Frankfort community."

"She considers the whole person and, while focusing on the physical, she also nourishes the emotional."

We have had many different physical trainers over the years and Anna is by far the best. . . she makes the hour of work actually fun. . . she goes beyond duty to help her clients."

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